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Mission Statement

The community of Charlo Schools accepts the responsibility to foster a safe learning environment that will enhance development of social and academic skills for all students.


1917 Charlo opened with about 25 pupils attending. Miss Janette Clark of Billings was the first teacher. Wayland Johnson, a student himself, brought children from the north and west in a wagon heated by a small stove in the winter to class.

1918 The group was divided into 2 groups. Mrs. Henry Thomas and Miss Margaret Dwyer Robert’s were the staff.

1919 Construction on the first high school started—the annex to the GS today. Miss Caroline Rich was the principal and teacher.

1919 High school was held in the bee supply house called McDonald Hall until December when the build was completed.

1919-1927 McDonald Hall was used as a gym (the current apartments behind the store).

1920 Two new HS teachers were hired.

1921 A P.T.A. was organized. The first and second presidents were Mr. Wamsley and Mr. Irwin, who ran the grocery and lumber stores on Main Street.

1922 The first graduation class with 5 students: Nellie Rinke Hendricksen, Wayland Johnson, Ruth Mast, Edith West McAllister, and Thomas Whitecraft

In 1927 the gym was ready to be used by many generations of folks. It burned to the ground somewhere in the early 2000s.

1932 Mr. Iesha’s Davis organized a school orchestra.

1934 Mr. Davis organized the first Glee Club.,

1937 The grade school was completed and is still in use today.

1939 Mr. Wayne Adams organized the Charlo Future Farmers of America.

1940s D’Aste and Ridgeway schools closed and they were bussed to Charlo.

1941-42 The first school annual was published under the direction of Mr. Cooper, but was not published again until 1946 because of the war, which caused a shortage of supplies.

1946 They published the second annual and tried to cover some of events which had been missed.

1948 The McCurdy family came to Charlo. She taught 1st and then second in a rotation with Mrs. Parenti. Mr. M was first a HS teacher and then became the superintendent from 1955-68.

1951 Mr. Ervin Davis joined the CHS staff. Over a period of 24 years he served as a teacher, principal and superintendent of the district.

1952 Several small rural schools—D’Aste, Ridgeway, Elliot, and Crow Creek—consolidated to make the Charlo School system. The new high school was completed in August and celebrates 70 years in 2022.

1954 Jim Sivils joined the staff as a commercial teacher and advisor to the school paper. During the 21 of the 28 years he taught, the paper received Excellent Honors ratings.

1959 The yearbook was dedicated to Mr. McCurdy, who was their advisor for 11 years, during which they received 8 All-State ratings.

1959 Mr. Halgren brought his amazing wife and sons to Charlo. He began his outstanding career as head football coach in 1965.

1961 National Honor Society became an organization.

1964 Special Education was added to our curriculum.

1967 CHS began Awards night. Academic and athletic awards were recognized.

1968 Moiese schools shuttered their building. School changed forever when their students entered the halls.

1969 There was a fire in the home economics room. The amazing Bessie Koebel arrived at her job in the lunch room and, together with the fire department, saved the building.

1970 The district split and became 7J.

1971 The first original building that started as the grade school and ended its service as a shop behind the high school was sold and replaced with a modern shop building.

1972 A new Science room was built adjacent to the shop.

1973 The seniors went to visit historic sights in Spokane. As they were legal at 18 we drove our own cars. One car of guys never made it past Wallace, ID.

1973 The first All-School Reunion was held. The old town would not soon forget those happy carefree days for so many retuning alumni.

1977 Dixon closed their site as a high school and is going strong as a grade school.

2008 The remains of the old gym were demolished and plans for its replacement were finalized.

2009 The gym began in the Fall and they were open for business in January.