Viking View

Veterans Day: Saturday is Veterans Day so I want to thank all those that have served our country in the armed forces. A special thanks to 3 Veterans on our staff here at Charlo School District 7J: Michele Conard, Keenan Palmer, and Jacob Sharbono. I hope everyone out there will take time to recognize the sacrifice and service made by our Veterans. Thanks again for your commitment to our country!

Breakfast/Lunch Bill: Please make sure you student’s meals are paid up in a timely fashion. The best practice is to pay ahead. If you have any questions please contact the office.

JH Parents: Please do NOT drop off or pick up students at the junior high parking area north of the cafeteria near the junior high entrance/shop doors. That area is for employee parking and school buses only. Please do not use that street or area. We do not want to see anyone injured or have a collision between vehicles. Drop off students out in front of the high school and elementary buildings on 1st Ave West or 4th St W. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Weather Changes: With the change in weather and daylight savings time ending please stay tuned to 750 KERR Radio or follow our school facebook page for the latest updates on possible school delays and/or closures. We try to make decisions by 6:45 AM when there is unfriendly weather or bad road conditions. You can also join our email list by contacting the office 644-2206.

Substitutes: We are always looking for substitute teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and cooks to help fill in when regular employees have to be gone. If you would like to be on our substitute list please contact the office for more information at 644-2206.

Question of the Week: Along with the gym floor being replaced is the sub structure going to be replaced as well? Is the insurance covering the full cost? If not, what is the deductible with a School owe?

The old gym floor is being completely removed including the stringers underneath. The concrete has sensors drilled into it to measure moisture. Once those readings are acceptable to the flooring company and the new wood has had time to acclimate; they will begin installing the new floor. Our deductible is $2500. Beyond that the insurance is paying the balance of the costs for clean up, installation of new plumbing, and the new floor.

If you have a question of the week please email [email protected].